Special Situations

Steep Slopes
If the gutter is next to a steep slope, be careful that the discharge from the new downspout will not wash away soil on the hillside. There are two ways to avoid this: attach a pipe long enough to drain the rainwater to a safe area, or install an attachment that controls how fast water comes out of the gutter. Always make sure that you are not draining water onto a neighbor’s property and that flooding of your neighbor’s yard. Do not discharge storm water too close to your property line.

Extended Boot
Some older homes have boots that extend several feet above the ground. You can leave the boot in place and permanently seal the top of the pipe or you can remove the tall boot. If you remove the boot, you will usually need to install a new section of gutter pipe and then an end-of-pipe device.

Inadequate Drainage
Some gutters may be located on very flat ground with no place for the water to drain. One solution is to pipe the water safely away from the house with a pipe attached to the downspout’s “elbow.” Another option is to use a device that will disperse the water enough so that it doesn’t form a puddle. Make sure that it is draining away from your foundation.