Patrol & Auxiliary Division

Our Mission

The Republic Police Department is committed to our mission to protect the community through prevention, partnership and professional service.

About the Division

The Patrol Division of the Republic Police Department is managed by an Operations Lieutenant who reports directly to the Chief of Police. The Patrol structure is comprised of four squads of officers; each squad is supervised by a Sergeant and a Corporal. The Divisions duties include community policing, the protection of life and property, traffic safety and enforcement, and the apprehension of the criminal element while enforcing all local, state and federal laws and ordinances.

Strategy Goals

One of the focuses of the Patrol Division over the past several years has been to make our roadways safer to travel. This has been accomplished through attentive enforcement action and reducing the number of accidents. The department has implemented a Community Policing Strategy that allows officers and citizens an opportunity to develop a trusting relationship and to work together to make our community safer. The Division is also directing resources in an attempt to address and eliminate all forms of illegal drug activity from the community. Our goal is to make the City of Republic one of the safest communities in Missouri.

Vehicle Fleet

The Division's vehicle fleet is comprised of Dodge Chargers and Ford Explorers. With the implementation of a vehicle replacement plan, the department hopes to have a fleet that meets the community's needs and to replace vehicles on a regular schedule. All patrol vehicles are black and white with gold striping. The Division also has a Tactical Support Vehicle.


The Patrol Division is continuing to develop new programs directed at improving our service to the public. These programs include our Community Policing efforts, On-line extra patrol, traffic enforcement requests from citizens, bicycle patrol, and the citizens police academy.

The Division is supported by both Auxiliary and Explorer programs. Auxiliary Officers are fully trained and certified and are dedicated to supporting our patrol operations for at least one shift per month. They also assist on special events and patrol activities. The Explorer Program was developed through the Boys and Girl Scouts of America and introduces the teens within our community to the many different aspects of Law Enforcement.

The City of Republic is a fast growing community that offers many excellent programs and opportunities to its citizens. Persons interested in joining a progressive, professional and family orientated police department are encouraged to apply by obtaining an application for employment from City Hall.