Many of our officers are assigned special duties in support of our overall operations. These include Bicycle Patrol, DWI / Traffic Accident Investigation, Vehicle Equipment / Maintenance and Training Instructors in selected specialties that include firearms training, self-defense tactics, thermal imaging, computer forensics and vehicle operations.

Field Training Program
The Patrol Division has a Field Training Program that is comprised of over 500 hours of instruction and review given to recruits by professionally trained and experienced officers. Recruits that complete this intense level of instruction are prepared to become self-sufficient line officers.

In-Service Training Program
Our In-Service Training Program is coordinated by an officer who works with our first line supervisors to develop an on-going schedule of current training topics. It is the belief of the current command staff that all officers should be afforded the opportunity to seek the most professional training available.

Tactical Response Unit
The Patrol Division has a Tactical Response Unit that is comprised of well-trained officers given the task of handling high-risk support operations. This unit trains monthly to stay abreast of the most current tactics and skills.