Final Plats

Application Process

All property owners or developers wishing to establish a Final Plat for a subdivision shall complete and submit a Final Plat Application and Checklist (PDF) to the City's Community Development Department. Application and processing fees of $350 will be due at least 20 working days prior to the meeting of the City Council at which the plat is being considered for approval.

The developer must submit a completed Final Plat Checklist (PDF) and a minimum of five copies of the proposed Final Plat, or more as required by the City.

A Final Plat application will not be accepted for review by city staff after the two-year anniversary of the approval of the Preliminary Plat, unless an extension has been formally requested and granted by the City Council.

Approval Process

The Community Development Department, shall determine if the Final Plat submittal is complete, and if so, transmit the submittal to the City Clerk for inclusion on the next Council meeting. In the event the Community Development Department reviews the application and finds that it is incomplete or does not meet the Minimum Required Improvements, the Community Development Department shall notify the developer in a timely manner and request a resubmittal. Once all deficiencies have been addressed, the Final Plat will be sent to the City Council for approval.