Swimming Lessons

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Registration for Swimming Lessons Opens Monday, April 11!

Morning Lessons

  • Lesson Fee: $60 per session 
  •  Lesson Duration: 45 Minutes for Two Weeks
  •  Lesson Days: Monday - Thursday 
  •  Lesson Times: 9:30 - 10:15 a.m. 
  • Session Dates
    • June 6-16
    • June 27-July 8 (July 4 Class Held July 8)
    • July 18-28

Parent Child Lessons (Starfish)

  • Lessons For: Children 6 Months - 4 Years of Age 
  •  Lesson Fee: $30 per session 
  • Lesson Duration: 30 Minutes for Two Weeks
  • Lesson Days: Tuesday/Thursday
  • Lesson Times: 
    • Morning:  10:00-10:30 AM
    • Evening:  6:30-7:00 PM
  • Session Dates: 
    • June 7-16
    • June 28-July 7
    • July 19-28
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Evening Lessons

  • Lesson Fee: $60 per session 
  •  Lesson Duration: 45 Minutes for Two Weeks 
  •  Lesson Days: Monday - Thursday 
  •  Lesson Times: 6:15 - 7:00 p.m. 
  • Session Dates
    • June 6-16
    • June 28-July 8 (July 4 Class Held on July 8)
    • July 18-28


Parent Child Starfish Class:

For ages 6 Months-4 Years. Participants will be oriented to the water through bubble blowing, floating and going underwater.  Individual attention will be given to each child and parent. One parent per child is required to be in the water.

Pre-K Level 1 - Seahorses

For ages 3-6.  Participants should be able to be in the water independently and follow instructor directions. 

Main Skill Objectives: Focuses on basic aquatic skills to help kids become more comfortable and confident in the water. This class focuses on teaching kids how to float on their backs, submerge themselves underwater, hold their breath, exit the pool, and introductory stroke development.

Pre-K Level 2 - Sea Turtles

For ages 3-6 who have successfully completed our Pre-K Level 1 course or who already feel comfortable in the water.

Main Skill Objectives: Focuses on improving basic water competency skills and basic stroke development. This class will cover front and back floats, treading water, using both arms and legs while swimming, changing direction in the water, and getting students used to opening their eyes underwater. 

Level 1 (Learn to Swim) - Sea Otters

For ages 5-15 and focuses on basic water competency skills.  If the student has successfully completed Pre-K Level 1 and 2, they may skip this level and proceed directly to Level 2 (Learn to Swim) - Seals. 

Main Skill Objectives: This class will cover floating independently, submerging and holding their breath underwater, transitioning from a float position into a swim, flutter/frog kicking on back and front, in-water bobbing, and treading water.

Level 2 (Learn to Swim) - Seals

For ages 5-15 who have successfully completed Pre-K Level 2 or Learn to Swim Level 1.

Main Skill Objectives: Focuses on continued stroke development with emphasis on freestyle/front crawl, backstroke swimming treading water using only their arms or only their legs, getting acclimated with deeper water, and the introduction of breaststroke and butterfly kicks. 

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