Vehicle Security

Although a professional car thief can defeat most security measures and quickly break into and steal a locked vehicle, most vehicle break-ins and thefts are carried out by amateurs who take advantage of the carelessness of drivers. Drivers often leave vehicles unlocked, valuables in sight, etc. The tips in this section will significantly enhance the security of your vehicles.

Preventing Theft or Break-Ins
The following tips help prevent vehicle break-ins, which could lead to theft of the vehicle itself or of property items from the vehicle:
  • Check your vehicle if you hear the alarm sound. But don't try to stop a person attempting to break in. Get a good description of the person and call the Republic Police Department.
  • Don't leave spare keys in your vehicle. An experienced thief knows all the hiding places.
  • Install an alarm system that will sound when someone attempts to break in, move, tilt, or start your vehicle. Always activate the system when leaving the vehicle.
  • Lock your vehicle with the door lock button inside your vehicle instead of with your remote control. Thieves are now able to pick up the signals from your remote when you lock your vehicle with it.
  • Park in open, well-lighted, and populated areas near your destination, preferably one in view of a security camera. Avoid parking near trucks, vans, dumpsters, and other objects that obstruct visibility and provide hiding places. Avoid parking near strangers loitering or sitting in vehicles.
  • Park in your garage, if you have one. Don't leave your vehicle on the street, in an alley, or on your driveway. If you have to park on a street, avoid dark or isolated areas.
  • Turn off your engine, roll up all windows, lock all doors, and take your keys with you even if you are making a quick stop at a store or gas station, or even in your driveway. Close all windows and lock the trunk and hood.
Prevent the Theft of Vehicles
  • Buy a vehicle with a locking ignition or steering column.
  • Turn your wheels sharply toward the curb when parking on a street.
  • Use anti-theft devices that can be attached to the steering wheel or column, or brake pedal. Use one every time you leave your vehicle unattended. Steering wheel locks are inexpensive and are recommended by some experts to be the most cost-effective theft deterrent on the market today.
Prevent the Theft of Motorcycles
  • Chain your bike to a secure, immovable object when unattended. Loop the chain through the frame and make sure it is tight around your bike.
  • Install an alarm and a hidden kill switch.
  • Park your bike in the garage when at home. Park in a well-lighted area when out, preferably in view of a security camera.
  • Try to avoid parking between larger vehicles as they provide cover for thieves.
Prevent the Theft of Property From a Vehicle
  • Lock truck-bed toolboxes.
  • Make sure that any valuables that were locked in the glove box or trunk were not taken or tampered with when you return to your vehicle. Thieves are able to get into some vehicles without leaving any visible signs of a break-in.
  • Never leave anything of value in plain sight. Remove all cellular phones, audio systems, computers, packages, sports equipment, cameras, purses, wallets, etc.
  • Take the removable face of your CD player with you even if you are going to be gone for a few minutes.