Flexible Cords

Flexible cords used in conjunction with a pool shall be installed in accordance with the following:
  • (a) For other than underwater lighting fixtures, fixed or stationary equipment shall be permitted to be connected with a flexible cord to facilitate removal or disconnection for maintenance or repair. For other than storable pools, the flexible cord shall not exceed 3-feet in length. Cords that supply swimming pool equipment shall have a copper equipment grounding conductor not smaller than 12 AWG and shall terminate in a grounding-type attachment plug.
  • (b) Other than listed low-voltage lighting systems not requiring grounding, wet-niche lighting fixtures that are supplied by a flexible cord or cable shall have all exposed non-current-carrying metal parts grounded by an insulated copper equipment grounding conductor that is an integral part of the cord or cable. Such grounding conductor shall be connected to a grounding terminal in the supply junction box, transformer enclosure and shall be not smaller than the supply conductors and not smaller than 16 AWG.
  • (c) For other than underwater and storable pool lighting fixtures, the requirements of Item (a) shall apply to any cord equipped lighting fixture that is located within 16 feet radially from any point on the water surface.